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Heather Has Dedicated the Past Decade to Franchise Marketing

Get Guru’d and

Grow Your Business

Heather Has Dedicated the Past Decade to Franchise Marketing

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Marketing Master Class

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Did you know that the majority of franchisees have no professional marketing experience? Chances are you fall into this group too. The smartest thing you can do is to focus on your operations and let our Franchise Marketing Guru’s work their magic.

Every franchise system has its top performers, these franchisees are committed to growing their business. They invest in advertising, and they are strong operators. We can help you to become a top performer in your system too! Our team of marketing gurus can be your secret weapon that will generate a steady flow of high-quality inbound leads needed to grow your business!

We will coach you on how to increase your conversion rates and tracking lead attribution, these are critical habits required to scale your business!

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Our deep bench of Franchise Marketing Gurus have experience in every aspect of marketing and advertising. We can customize a marketing plan to meet your needs. With transparent measurables, so you know you can quantify results.

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Champions of Success

Secure your seat to participate in a month-long Marketing Masterclass that will change the trajectory of your business and empower you to continue to grow market share and revenue.

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All of our Franchise Marketing Gurus are champions of success! We believe in full transparency of results. We always do the right thing for our clients. You’ll love working with our entire team!

I’m so confident we’ll exceed your expectations, that I offer a money-back guarantee!

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Meet Heather

Hello, Franchisors and Franchisees, welcome to Franchise Marketing Guru’s, a one of kind marketing and advertising agency that exclusively caters to the franchising industry. Our deep bench of franchise marketing gurus can support you with every aspect of marketing. Be prepared to earn more paid and organic leads and for your local brand awareness to be turbo-charged!

As the Head Guru In Charge, I’ve spent the past decade leading the marketing for two national franchise organizations. I’ve been consulting and empowering franchise partners just like you.

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Meet With The HGIC

Our founder’s passion is to educate and empower franchisees so they can successfully and efficiently increase revenue. Schedule your complimentary 15-minute introduction call today. Share your biggest challenges during our call, and I’ll share my expert advice!

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I've had the pleasure of working with Heather Reid for over the last few years. Heather has been reliably charismatic in every round table discussion we've had; always leading the charge and giving honest feed back regarding our partner's marketing tactics as well as building and executing action plans. She is unparalleled in the area of media buying, fine tuning SEO spends, and marketing strategies. Heather is the first call I make for brand building, media exposure, PR campaigns and performances. She is a treasure.

COURTNEY H.Co-Owner and Operating Partner

I had the professional & personal pleasure of working with Heather for almost eight years. She is a consummate professional! Extremely organized, knowledgable, current in her understanding of trends and changes in the marketplace, and cognisant of budgets, timelines, and the realities of marketing campaigns. I am a successful business person who owes much of that success to working with & listening to Heather all these years. I fully endorse her for any role that requires attention to detail, forward-facing interactions, and qualitative results.

CASEY H.Owner/Managing Director

“The best way to describe Heather is a “get-it-done-gal” who puts in the extra time and hours to complete projects and is always ready to take on more. She is masterful at figuring out the best path to achieve results, always with a smile on her face. Fueled by a genuine desire to help franchisees achieve their goals, Heather demonstrates leadership in assessing each situation and leading the development of a strategic approach.”

MELISSA M.Marketing Lead

“Heather is a very bright, talented, and energetic person when it comes to Marketing, Partnerships, and Local Store Marketing. As a franchise owner she was always quick to respond and help with anything needed. With her help my store saw 20% growth in 2015. She would be a vital asset to any team looking to take their brand to the next level!”

BRANDON H.Epic Expert Analyst

"I have had the pleasure to know and work with Heather for 7 years. Heather has a unique and I think a highly sought after set of talents and skills. My experiences and observing her talents are; people are naturally drawn to her charisma, she has a big heart and wants everyone to succeed and will do anything to help them in achieving that success. Heather has a keen sense or sensibility of using her human radar to focus her energies at the right time for the right initiatives to squeeze out the highest level of success possible.

Heather has a high level of business acumen and that comes a cross anytime she engages in a project or an initiative. She can take a vision from the CEO or Leadership Team and make the plan, gather the right resources, roll out the new technology or tool, measure the success, high five everyone involved, and make everyone feel good all at the same time. Heather is the brightest, warmest, best coach, super star woman I've known and worked with."

TIM H.President & General Manager

“I've had the pleasure of working with Heather Reid for over two years. Her national sales and marketing experience has been extremely beneficial to me and my franchise partners. Her people skills are second to none, and she has a proven track record of finding the most cost effective ways to deliver our message to our target customers. Great person to have on your team!”

MIKE W.Regional Director

“Heather is one of the most creative and enthusiastic marketing directors I have had the pleasure of collaborating with over the years. Heather and I work closely to develop PR campaigns to build brand awareness and media exposure for the company’s franchise partners. She is very responsive and open to new ideas.”

TAMMY D.Sr. Content Creator

“Heather’s talent in Marketing and Sales is evident in her strategic efforts and advice in all areas of Marketing. As a business owner, I focus my time and energy on my local Community and referral potentials. Therefore, Heather’s research, development, and guidance is a critical piece of my business success!”

RUTH B.Entrepreneur & Speaker